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Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2021

25th February - 28th February, 2021

  • Initiate the process of registration by filling your personal details at:
  • In case your college is not on the list, then request an invite.
  • Make sure that you register under any one of the below mentioned category as per your applicability
  • As soon as your data has been updated, you will get a link via email to verify.
  • Login id along with the login password entered earlier in the form shall be sent on your email.
  • Login to with the details received in mail.
  • Fill the basic questions given in form.
  • Proceed to payment as Individual or contingent.
  • After filling all this details your seat in GES will be confirmed.
Category Early Bird
Student Individual INR 150/-
Professional INR 150/-
Investor NIL
For Startups INR 150/-
  • Student Individual - If you are currently pursuing an UG or PG course, you can register under this category.
  • Professional - Any non-student or non-faculty participant can register under this category.You cannot attend GES as one contingent.
  • For Startups - If any startup wants to participate in Startup Camp and related events as a startup, you need to register under this category. You cannot attend GES as a college contingent or part of any college contingent. Any startup professional who does not want to participate in Startup Camp and related events can attend GES under Professional category and not under Startup Camp category.
  • Payment is non-refundable, under any circumstances whatsoever.
  • Appliances and belongings are the sole responsibility of the participants. E-Cell, IIT Kharagpur is not responsible for any loss or damage caused.